Four Friends Move Forward to Third Level Education

Beyond the Orphanage

Education is one of the areas we focus on when building secure independent futures for our children. Each child is encouraged to work hard toward their individual goal and each one is supported when things get tough.

As many of the children have experienced trauma and loss we ensure they are have the resources to cope. They are listened to and cared for by social workers, psychologists and their guardians. And their material needs are met by their sponsors. We are very proud of what they have overcome and it is inspiring to see them move forward to live fulfilling lives.

With your help we are working to make sure that their needs are met and their dreams are possible.

At a recent celebration at Beyond the Orphanage, these four students were awarded certificates for their great achievement and success in their education and received prizes for completing high school. Lilit was awarded again for her dedication and leadership to the younger children at the BTO Drop-In Centre.

We thought you would enjoy an update on the progress of some of our young adults. All of these students pictured here have passed the National Exam and are now pursuing the studies of their choice.

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Photos by Kerry Pryor.

Alemnesh-200x300 Almnesh has big dreams and loves to help other people. She is currently training in Hotel Management.





Asnaku-200x300Asnaku is a very determined young woman and shows great capability in many arenas. She is currently studying Management at a University in Addis Ababa.




Temina-200x300Temina loves to work with numbers and is currently studying Accounting.





Lilit-200x300Lilit received a double award for the commitment and responsibility she has shown in leading younger groups at the Drop-In Centre. She is currently studying Civil Engineering.


November 25, 2015

Next Steps

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