Future-proofing BTO

Hannah Smith

Beyond the Orphanage (BTO) has taken steps in recent years to ensure the long-term viability of BTO by implementing measures to future-proof the organisation.

This has included devising and implementing strategies to secure BTO’s future, including identifying a suitable successor to chair the Australian Board.

After serving on the Board of BTO for seventeen years, our founder Geoff Hucker is relinquishing his role as Director and Chair of the Australian Board. Taking on this position is SallyAnn Hunting, who has been involved in BTO’s strategy and governance processes for the past year.

SallyAnn is an experienced management consultant and has worked with various organisations in the government, non-government, and business sectors in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

As a regular visitor to the Himalayas, SallyAnn has advised several non-profits in the region on strategy, operations, and governance. She is particularly passionate about creating collaborative partnerships that strengthen organisations’ capacity and capability, enabling them to maintain their critical on-ground work.

Geoff will be deeply missed on our Board, but he will remain committed to BTO’s mission and be actively involved in his role as Founder.

Please help us welcome SallyAnn to our community – we are excited to have her join us and share her wealth of knowledge and experience.

On the left is a smiling man with a black Beyond the Orphanage shirt on. On the right is a short-haired woman with glasses who is smiling. She's wearing a pale blue collared shirt.

April 25, 2023

Next Steps

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