Breaking the silence: The importance of safe transportation for deaf students

Hannah Smith

Imagine you’re walking on a busy road and you can’t hear what’s coming up behind you.

How would you feel?

Now imagine, you’re at home and it’s your child on that busy road. They have to walk this way to school everyday, sometimes 2.5kms in each direction.

“It’s very dangerous to walk on the side of the single lane road as vehicles tend to overtake each other,” says Tejendra Darlami, Program Manager of RHERI.

Currently, students at our RHERI deaf community home walk 2.5kms to and from school each day, where many of the roads are unpaved and dangerous. The students are unable to hear the traffic and the lack of awareness about deafness and sign language amongst drivers can put deaf children at risk.

Children walking to school on a busy road

With your help, Beyond the Orphanage is aiming to raise enough money to fund a school bus for these children, so they can get to and from school safely.

We need your help to make this happen! Please share this story and the End of Financial Year Appeal webpage with your friends and family. You can also support this cause by sharing BTO’s posts on social media.

A school bus is not just a means of transportation, but also a source of empowerment and inclusion for deaf students. Let’s work together to help raise awareness for this important cause.

June 6, 2023
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