Meet the kids at our new Janakpur house

Beyond the Orphanage

In March we welcomed the first six children into the new house in Janakpur. This event marks the beginning of the Beyond the Orphanage (BTO) Janakpur family – something we are excited to celebrate especially because it is the International Day of Families on 15 May. These children were rescued from high risk situations – living on the streets and in crushing poverty – by our in-country partner Sano Paila with direct support and funding from BTO.

Meet the children

The youngest is Sammy who is only three years old. In the house are also Koko, who is seven and Ashi who is six. They are brother and sister. There are other siblings too, brothers Dipu (who is about 9*) and Sonu (who is about 8*) and their baby sister Saru who is four. Keeping siblings together, gives them a secure sense of family and belonging. 

Below, Sammy who is the youngest in the house and siblings Koko (middle) and Ashi (right).


Below, siblings – Saru, Dipu and Sonu


The girls bonded immediately, both keen to have a new sister. They love dancing and singing together, which just melts your heart. Check out the video here. It is so rewarding to see these children happy and laughing once again.

A brighter future

Thanks to the efforts of our in-country partner, and the generosity of our donors, these six children will grow up in a loving family home environment. Importantly, they have the opportunity to benefit from being cared for by adults who love them as their own. In the house in Janakpur is a dedicated house mother who tends to their every need. She is also supported by the program manager and support staff who are like extended family to the children.

Donations made to Beyond The Orphanage directly support these children. We provide shelter, food, education and health care. And because we are in for the long haul we will be there to care for Sammy, Koko, Ashi, Dipu, Sonu, and Saru as they grow to adulthood. 

Be part of their journey. Your donations help these children everyday. Importantly, they also allow us to expand our programs to reach more children. 

Together we do change lives.

*Sometimes it is hard to decipher the exact ages of the children, hence the “about” . But we are working to secure accurate records to determine actual birth dates, which is of course important for their citizenship papers in the future.

May 9, 2019

Next Steps

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