Visit Nepal: 5 reasons it should be your next trip


Avid travellers Emily and Terry spent a year travelling the world and even hiked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. Having seen the sights, soaked in the culture, and hiked the mountains, we asked Terry to share his thoughts on the beauty of Nepal. Here are Terry’s top reasons why visiting Nepal will be one of the best things you ever do!

Are you interested in spectacular scenery, wild tigers and being welcomed by the 4th friendliest country in world?

Then it looks like it is time to visit Nepal! With so much to offer, you’ll be guaranteed a rewarding, sometimes challenging experience. A trip where you’re bound to catch the Nepalese contagious smile.


Terry’s top 5 reasons why Nepal should be your next trip.


1. The food!

A country of huge cultural and geographical diversity expect a wide array of tasty dishes to be on offer. You can expect the same dish to be completely different region to region.

Two dishes which first-time visitors can not leave without trying are Dal Baht and MoMo. Dal Baht is a rice and lentil dish which is served with a variety of sides. MoMo is a dumpling like the Japanese Gyoza.

Meal time holds deep resonance within the community and it is not unheard of for local families to offer tourists to join them for dinner. Be sure to say ‘yes’ as a meal with a Nepalese family provides a wonderful and unique insight into Nepalese culture.

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2. Landscapes

At over 29,000 feet, the world’s highest mountain steals the spotlight. For those who look deeper you’ll be rewarded with the diversity of Nepal.

The entire country is only just bigger than England. In this small space, Nepal packs in glacier-fed lakes, stunning riverside towns and jungles.

If you travel to Nepal will have plenty to explore in a compact area. It’s possible to cover a huge amount of it in a short period.

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3. World-class hiking

No guide to Nepal would be complete without mentioning the world-class hiking on offer. The established hiking trails go from village to village with hikers staying with local families in tea houses.

Nepal hiking trips submerge you into local culture and provides a great insight into the religious aspects of the communities. You can’t help but to pause and admire the prayer flags flying from the summits of the mountains or passes which you hike through.

The two most popular regions to hike in are the Annapurna and Everest areas. Both have established hiking trails and can be independently explored or you can go with the many established tour companies that operate within the country.

Nepal Wildlife | Rhinoceros in Nepal

4. The wildlife

Hands up – who thinks of wildlife when you think of Nepal?

I certainly didn’t, but one trip to Chitwan National Park will change that. With wild elephants, leopards, tigers, rhinos and bears, a jungle tour should not be missed.

A jungle hike with the ever-present possibility of spotting a tiger is enough to put the hairs on the back of your neck on end.

Nepal is also one of the few places in the world that the snow leopard still calls home (although sightings are extremely rare, they still occur in the Annapurna region).

5. Help Nepal Recovery

Tourism is a vital part of the Nepalese economy, yet tourist numbers are still being affected by the April 2015 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

A visit to Nepal could provide tourist dollars which would go a long way to helping the country rebuild.”

The team at Beyond the Orphanage are often also struck at the beauty of Nepal when we visit. In fact, our Founder, Geoff Hucker, and board member, Kate Fewings, are currently visiting our programs in Nepal.

Want to learn more about Nepal and Beyond the Orphanage programs based in the country? Using live streaming videos, Geoff and Kate will be logging into Facebook and sharing their experience of the country, and telling us more about our programs there! Read here to find out more.

April 4, 2017

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