7 Tips on How to Choose a Child Sponsorship Charity

It can be overwhelming to choose from the many charities and nonprofits offering child sponsorship programs. It’s the paradox of choice! – how do you make sure that your gift is going towards a cause that you truly believe in?

It’s incredibly important to make sure that you figure out what cause you want to have an impact on – many people choose their charitable partner for life. And, as humanitarian activist, Dan Palotta says, ‘If you’re going to make a long-term commitment to an organization, even if the money isn’t huge, you owe it to yourself to do this kind of research in the same way you would go to a dealership to test-drive a car’. Here are some questions you can ask yourself, based on Dan’s advice.

1. Where does the charity work?

Child sponsorship programs target countries all over the world.Some charities also offer child sponsorship of children in more than one country. Do you have a preference for your donations to be invested in programs based in a particular country?
Consider using this as a guide to begin your research.
Beyond the Orphanage, child sponsorship, tips on how to choose a charity

2. Is the charity registered?

There are thousands of charities around the world. It’s like an industry-approved ‘tick of approval’ that a charity is accountable, transparent, and quality-focused. It’s super important for yourself and the industry to ensure that you select a registered charity.

3. Can you get a tax deduction?

You may be looking to claim your donation as a tax deduction. If this is the case, you’ll need the charity to be registered in a location where you can get a tax receipt you’re able to claim. For example, if you live in the USA you’ll need the charity to be registered in the USA to claim a tax deduction.

4. Are they great with money?

Take a look at the financial reports of charities you’re considering. If you can’t find them – there’s your first red flag.
Child sponsorship charities should be transparent and accountable. How do you check for this? Look at the charity’s annual report!
As Dan Palotta asks about a charity’s annual report: ‘ Does it inspire you? Does it seem to have a sense of mission, bravery, boldness?’

5. Are the programs individual or community-based?

Two programs have emerged within child sponsoring. Some programs send your donations directly to the children. Other charities use the funds raised to support the communities where the children live.
In both cases, the sponsors receive updates from the sponsored children on how the donations are improving their lives. If you have a preference, this is a point you’ll want to check into before making your donation.
Beyond the Orphanage, child sponsorship, tips on how to choose a charity

6. Would you prefer to give to a secular charity?

Many charities are affiliated with a religion and are often run by the church themselves. Some say that only secular NGOs can claim to be independent, while others say that religion has spearheaded social change.
Ask yourself this question to understand what perspective aligns with your beliefs, and use that knowledge to narrow your search.

7. How much does the sponsorship cost?

And finally – and perhaps most practically – there’s the cost of sponsorship to consider. Most charities call for a flat monthly rate of between $10 and $100. Check out what’s within your budget, and whether it’s something you can make an ongoing commitment to.
Here’s how Beyond the Orphanage measures up:
  • Beyond The Orphanage and it’s subsidiaries are registered in Australia and the USA, and we support children in Ethiopia and Nepal
  • We keep administration and fundraising costs small. Check out all of our annual and financial reports here.
  • We are a non-denominational charity. We also care for children of any race, religion, gender and physical or mental ability
  • All child sponsorship funds raised directly supports the children. One-off and regular general donations are used sometimes to support an entire community. Where BTO sees a need that can benefit the children and the wider entire community – we support the community.
  • Our nonprofit is incorporated in Australia and the USA. We can legally provide you with a receipt from Australia if you donate via our Australian portal. We can also provide you with a USA 501 (e)c receipt should you be looking for tax deductibility in the USA
  • Part sponsorship of a child with BTO is $45 per month. Full sponsorship is $90 per month. If you want to donate a different amount, BTO offers a regular donation option.
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, or consider making a donation today.